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The Social Studio x L2R x Nabilah Nordin - “Cross-Stitch” Workshop!

A couple of weeks ago our children’s program Lil Legends had the pleasure of hanging out with The Social Studio and Singaporean/Australian sculptor, Nabilah Nordin, to create sculptural costumes inspired by dreams, fantasy and imagination. The group utilised donated fabrics and trims, as well as Nabilah’s archive of fluff, foam and fantastical stuffs to produce a unicorn, an erupting volcano and a butterfly… just to name a few!

Our Lil’ Legends then joined forces with Maya and Nolly - two of our incredible dance facilitators - to move and groove in their creations! Expressing their energy and costume’s inner-character. So much fun! 🤗

🙏🏼Thank you to The Social Studio, Nabilah Nordin, Kimberly Summer and St Albans Community Centre.

✨The Social Studio’s ‘Cross-Stitch’ workshop series is supported by the Australian Council for the Arts and Yarra City Arts.

✨ L2R’s Lil’ Legends program is supported by Igniting Change.

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