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Fam Jam, a celebration embodying the generosity of street dance culture, is a lively event hosted by an Emcee, a DJ, and features talented L2R street dance artists. The invitation extends to L2R families, participants, and like-minded arts organizations across Melbourne's west, fostering collaboration to enhance the atmosphere and attract unique visitors. With a focus on building and fostering social confidence, Fam Jam emphasizes public, physical, and inclusive feel-good activities suitable for everyone.


L2R takes pride in presenting a diverse lineup of Melbourne's esteemed professional and emerging artists in street dance. The floor show is a dynamic spectacle encompassing every facet of hip hop, ranging from classic grooves to impressive acrobatics. Audience engagement is a priority, with an open invitation to join the cypher (dance circle), ensuring everyone can participate and groove to the beat, creating an inclusive and energetic experience for all.


L2R is dedicated to establishing secure environments for children and young individuals, prioritizing their freedom and happiness. The team encourages a culture where everyone is allowed to make mistakes and discover the world through dance. The focus extends to engaging workshops designed to foster the development of confidence, identity, team-building, and leadership skills. Creative exploration and artistic abilities are emphasized, along with promoting safe dance practices and encouraging active and healthy lifestyle choices.

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