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L2R actively engages and fosters artistic talent in Melbourne’s west & beyond while empowering and transforming the lives of children and young people through the power of dance.

L2R Dance is a not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne’s West dedicated to providing free dance programs, arts leadership opportunities and employment pathways for children and young people traditionally underrepresented or absent from mainstream arts and culture. L2R moves physically, socially and culturally. Fostering belonging, wellbeing and cultural leadership, L2R nurtures creativity and transforms young people through the power of dance. 

L2R makes dance accessible to children and young people who can’t access commercial dance and or tertiary education due to social and or financial barrier (perceived or real). We break down barriers to participation including age, cost and elitism and ensure that community has easy access to our programs irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, and dance ability. L2R draws from this history of Hip- hop culture with its aims to empower and critique social issues that affect young people in Melbourne’s West and beyond.

More than just a series of dance classes, L2R is led by the voices of the people it exists for!


This is how we do it:


1.  Champion dance to create heathier and more connected communities


2.  Mobilise fresh, real and authentic art-making with, by and for young people traditionally under-represented and or absent from mainstream culture. 


3.  Nurture the next generation of artistic and Cultural Leaders and providing sustainable employment opportunities and pathways.


4.  Exemplify a thriving, adaptable, culturally relevant business.



L2R is available to add vibrant high-quality hip-hop dance performances and engaging workshops at your next festival, event or corporate function.

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