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L2R aims to increase the capacity and learning of our young people by joining community development and artistic leadership positions within the organisation in a safe and supported environment.


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Led by David Prakash, L2R’s Youth Arts Coordinator, the Igniting Legends Program places three young creatives on yearlong paid internships. The purpose of the program is to build employment pathways, foster artistic skills and career aspirations in the creative arts industries. We aim to support our young dancers’ capacity to take on leadership roles within L2R and the broader community.


Established in 2018, this program is now an integral part of L2R because it ensures the future leaders within L2R are representative of the communities we engage, and ensures that our young people have a stronger voice in the design and development of L2R’s programs and outcomes. Since 2018, eleven dynamic L2R members who represent seven different cultural and language groups have been mentored through this program.


A key success to this program is the organisations ability to be flexible and responsive to young people’s ideas, needs and concerns. With David's experience in Youth Work and his ability for deep listening and a adaptive leadership we are able to cultivate tailored, creative safe spaces that foster inclusive positive learning experiences for dynamic young artist.


A major part of this internship is working to develop a unique video that highlights each artist's dynamic personalities, career aspirations and what has been meaningful for them throughout their internship. We also create an overarching impact documentary which serves as a recruitment tool for the next years intake.


Each year this program is delivered we are inspired by the new cohort of young artists. The ongoing nature of the program allows us to gain a greater understanding of how to fine tune this program and tailor it to empower, develop and foster creative talent. We feel lucky to play a part in the early stages of our young leader’s creative journeys.


Thursdays 10am-5pm 


Footscray Community Arts


David Prakash




'My ambition is to do the best for the communities I’m part of. And to be a role model for the next generation.

- Van Bawi Liam 

Emerging Artists 2020

The igniting legends program has helped me gain insight and more of an understanding of the dance world. It also has aided me in preparing myself to be ready for more dance opportunities.

- Stephanie Dixon

Igniting Legends 2022

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