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Meet Local Creative DocG

Describe DocG in 3 words. 

Cartoon, Colourful and Peaceful.

How did you first become interested in Art? Tell us about your artistic journey…

I actually first started out as a photographer around the time when instagram first came about, I was following a bunch of artists and I never trusted my illustrations until I saw other people do it, it opened me up to another world. Once I saw an online community I was like, I can actually delve into other mediums not just photography.

You are a multidisciplinary Artist, your practice ranges from live installations, photography, street art, styling, graphic design.. list goes on.  

What medium do you find yourself most comfortable with and why?

Drawing and design, but I feel as though they all feed into each other, I view them as one, it's more the idea of expression than the medium to me.

Who are your biggest influences? 

People that create their own worlds like Kanye, Nigo, Pharrell and Walt Disney.

People that back their ideas, believe in what they create and have sense of long jeverty.

Shoutout to my parents!

Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to?

Ive had mentors in the past, but I think they are necessary for Artists, someone to help you grow and push you in the right direction.

You are a proud Westside Melbournian.. What does living in the Westside mean to you and does it influence your art?

I have always used the aesthetic and the idea of how different cultures live in the same space and use it in a design aspect, merging different fonts and different mediums.

Who is an Artist in Melbourne's West we should know about?

Tell us how you came up with the L2R design concepts?

I backed the vision of L2R and the organisation inspired me to create something fun for young people to connect with.

What does your creative/design process look like? A lot of my design stems from taking from what's already exists and putting my twist on it.

As an up and coming artist what advice could you share to young aspiring creatives? 

You can only grow by failing, trial and error, backing yourself and not letting other peoples perceptions or approvals define your actions. Develop your own style and honour what makes you unique.

What is the biggest challenge you are navigating or have overcome as an artist?

Trusting myself, trusting my abilities, being ok to fail and to stop comparing myself to other creatives.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Everything, all at the same time, heaps of things. im hustling. im out here haha. skrrrt

Where do we see DocG in the future?

In a position where I'm continually creating.

You can shop and find more of DocG here

Interviewed and shot by Hena

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