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L2R X The William Buckland Foundation

We are absolutely thrilled to share that on the behalf of the Trustees of the William Buckland Foundation, our multi year grant application of $150,000 for L2R Pathways was successful. The grant will be distributed over 3 years and will ensure that L2R continues to support and foster culturally diverse, creative young leaders.

The L2R Pathways Program addresses the need for greater investment and support of leaders within L2R, specifically, the older cohort of emerging artists from newly arrived, migrant, refugee and at-risk backgrounds. The project will place 3 young people on paid internships, mentored by our Youth Arts Coordinator. Throughout the year-long internship the project will increase the capacity of young people already connected to L2R through mentoring sessions, performance opportunities, structured workplace learning and the development of individual employment/artistic portfolios. These will bring about key outcomes which include, artistic development, job readiness and employment pathways and opportunities, which will enable young people to transition to emerging artists within L2R and step into community development and artistic leadership positions within L2R, or organisations we actively collaborate with.

The L2R Pathways Program will continue to increase the capacity of L2R, strengthen the ongoing financial sustainability, and drastically increase the output of the organisation as L2R Pathways allows the fee-for-service aspect to grow, increasing income sustainably.

Lets go 2020!

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