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L2R DANCE: Our Impact - 2022

L2R is fiercely committed to young people and their right to creative lives, while increasing the visibility of hip hop dance as an everyday artform. Our small but mighty part time team had a huge year building the L2R Brand to create more employment opportunities for young artists that reflect contemporary Australia.

I love this incredible organisation I’ve built and everyone in it. I love it more for the way it came through two years of the COVID-19 pandemic with such care for its community, commitment to its mission and courage to take some big steps forward despite not being able to confidently plan for what would be around the corner.  


Last year we took it next level. I’d like to call out the remarkable growth of the organisation, especially considering the past two years of uncertainty.  L2R Dance has tripled in 5 years!!   The graph says it all – year on year there is a steady stream of income and expenditure in the constant promotion of connecting to community.

Block Party brought together dance organisations from across our city with dozens of L2R participants for a big hip hop day out. It not only provided the whole L2R fam with an ambitious, common goal, it kick started L2R’s programming, strengthened partnerships and signalled to a wider audience that L2R is ready for business. 

It's been a long-time goal for both Hëna and I to build L2R’s fee for service and collaborate with a high-profile brand to reach new audiences, share the L2R story and showcase our incredible talent. I think we nailed it with Bonds Australia & Platypus Shoes and over 42 gigs!

We farewelled and thanked the incredible Efren Pamilican for his success in designing and building up L2R’s Igniting Legends, and we welcomed the amazing David Prakash who has built on Efren’s legacy while putting his own stamp on this core L2R program. 

Our staff also grew to seven and we were thrilled to introduce Alec Pernes as our first ever dedicated Marketing & Digital Coordinator and Lowell Demitita as our Community Engagement Coordinator.

I’m thrilled to share our Annual Report and our Impact as its proof in the pudding of everyone's passion and commitment to our purpose and the growth of our incredible artists.

Over the past year L2R’s impact saw: 🎓 118 young people developed skills and networks through our free dance programs. 🕺🏽 20+ young artists that reflect contemporary Australia were given employment opportunities through our Fee for Service work.

❤ Our Emerging & Professional Artists performed to an audience of over 30,000 through our Fee for Service work. 😃 72% of young participants feel creative, connected, respected, healthy & strong at L2R

☮️ 64% of our participants were born overseas and belong to 20+ different cultural groups 💸 Our Fee for Service activities contributed towards an economic impact of $61,929 across Melbourne’s West

- Jacinda Richards

Founder & CEO

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