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What did you have for breakfast?

A corn-flakes cereal with chia seeds and almonds, coffee and a banana. My everyday morning fix.

How would your friends describe you? three words

Hard-working, passionate, maybe optimistic?

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

To work hard, but work with honesty. Contrary to popular opinion, not “fakin’ it ‘til you make it”

Describe yourself in three words.

I would like to think I am driven, creative, yet laidback.

What’s important to you… can you explain your values?

One of them is honesty - just to be more self-aware and truthful to yourself, keep yourself accountable, and it helps you to show a lot of substance and conviction in whatever you do.

Then I’d say positivity - I’ve always made sure to use my gifts and talents to help and uplift others because I’ve had the same done to me, and want to pay it forward

Tell us one thing that no one knows about you?

I hate ketchup.

What are your dreams and future goals/Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope to still be teaching and working in-and-around dance within different roles, I want to see more House Dancers here in Melbourne, travel to learn more about House, make a show of some sort, constantly level up, etc.

Can you tell me how you first got into dancing?

My first learning experience with dance started when I was 8, my parents enrolled my brothers and I to learn a Filipino folk dance called ‘Maglalatik’ at a local community centre.

But I started fully getting into dance and practicing everyday when I learnt c-walking from my brother a year later, which he learnt from his high school friends. That set the tone for my footwork from there.

Why is dance important to you?

Dance is fulfilling physically, creatively and emotionally. Best form of physical activity!

Also, music is great and people should learn how to enjoy it with movement.

Can you explain to me how and where you practice dancing?

Normally (out-of-lockdown) I would be hosting (mostly) weekly House Jams on a Friday night after one of my classes in the city, and I teach 6 days a week. Anywhere else though, it’ll be at a jam my friends host. Though mostly been doing it at home and Zoom recently.

How does performing make you feel?

I’d like to say performing on a stage feels like a treat since I’m very familiar with cyphers and smaller gatherings - I feel like I do well (or even better) on stage.

Does your cultural background play a role in your dance practice?

For sure, I feel the Philippines is a musically-rich culture from its’ native songs, to the Latin and American influence on its’ culture and modern music. I grew up in-and-around music from a young age with my parents and relatives playing instruments and doing traditional dances, so I feel like I have a natural ear for it and an innate rhythm.

Talk to me about Hip Hop. What do you like about hip hop?

At first, it was how fresh the dances and the dancers looked. Then when it came to the music, the rhythm and drums just sucks you in bad.

Hip-Hop is 4-dimensional and there’s something for everybody to express themselves with.

What role does L2R play in your life?

It’s a place that falls in alignment with what I want to do and my values, and it’s a platform to be able to use my gifts for more than just myself. Got some homies here too so it’s also a cool working space where I feel welcome!

What exciting projects do you have coming up?

Casted to perform in Jenn Ma’s (also new L2R Employee) ‘We Are Here’ contemporary show @ Dancehouse

Partaking in Red Bull - Dance Your Style All-Style Battle (TBA and not sure if I’m allowed to say this yet haha)

Planning a Contemporary x Street Dance Battle Format via Dancehouse’s ECP Program

Working with the team to get the L2R Block Party going Follow Alec and L2R Dance on Instagram for more!

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