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What did you have for breakfast?

I had cereal and a banana for breakfast today.

How would your friends describe you? three words Three words that my friends would describe me as would be... funny, respectful and resilient.

How has COVID-19 affected your daily life? How COVID-19 has affected me, uhhmm... Wow! I don’t even know where to start from, but this COVID-19 has shown me how everything in life can change in just a second and how we have to somehow adapt to the situation. Well I used to wake up at 7am but now i wake up at 9 o'clock. I haven’t been able to dance with my L2R family even though we take some classes online, but it still doesn’t feel the same way. I don’t feel fit like i used to because i stay in the house the whole day but sometimes i try to workout like do some squats, burpees among others but i don’t feel motivated as i would when outdoors.

What have you been enjoying during the lockdown? I have been enjoying some things during this lockdown but my top three would be spending time with my family, eating and sleeping.

What is the first thing you will do when you leave your quarantine bubble? Oooh man! After quarantine I'm gonna rock up at all my friend’s houses, and they better be ready for me. I also can’t wait to dance with my friends, talk about life because that’s what we have been left to do nowadays and also talk about what has been happening.

What have you learnt during this isolation? During this isolation I have learned to be more appreciative in life no matter the hardships life throws at you and to be there and listen to my family and friends.

Can you tell me how you first got into dancing? I started dancing Afrobeat when I was 6 years old, but when I moved to Melbourne and met Jacinda and she introduced me to L2R, where I learned hip hop and other styles and that was in 2015. She opened my doors wider to the dance world and I have been having fun since.

Why is dance important to you? Dance is important to me because it helps me to connect and express my feelings. Sometimes it can be hard for some people to verbally express their feelings and their emotions and I'm one of them but when I dance, it helps me release every emotion.

Can you explain to me how and where you practice dancing? Every Tuesday we have dance classes after school at Visy Hub in Sunshine that’s where we practice and have fun at the same time.

How does performing make you feel? I am not going to lie. Before i perform i’m always nervous because i’m always worried if i forget the choreography but as soon as i start, i don’t care if i mess up but the only thing that i always think of is just enjoying and showing the audience that they can do the same thing as me. They say “if you walk, then you can dance".

Does your cultural background play a role in your dance practice?

My culture plays a big role in dancing because I grew up loving music and dance but i knew i wanted to learn about other cultures and different styles and not just my own.

Talk to me about Hip Hop. What do you like about hip hop? I like hip hop because you can make any moves and it also brings all people from different cultures together. It’s a place where you feel connected to others.

What role does L2R play in your life? L2R is not just a dance class where we have to go and just dance. L2R is my HOME! A home where I have sisters and brothers and whenever I need help with anything my sisters are always there for me. I love L2R because it’s one place where i can be myself and enjoy myself.

What exciting projects do you have coming up? I don’t really have any project coming soon. I’m just focusing on my study at the moment but hopefully at the end of this year I will get my own wheel.

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