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Reflections ... BEI PRESTON TAYLOR

Bei spent a week with us at L2R in June 2023 as part of her second-year placement as a BA of Fine Arts dance student at Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Bei was keen to understand more about the inner workings of a not-for-profit organisation and the important role that L2R plays in community through the power of dance.

Here are some of her reflections in her own words ...

My name isBei Preston Taylor

I am20 years old

My hometown isCastlemaine, VIC

First thing you should know about me isthat I love tea, specifically Earl Grey, but also the kind of tea you spill!

My star sign isTaurus, pretty much I am hella stubborn

My secret talent isbeing able to find the best stuff at the thrift shop

Right now, I’m listening toMe and Your Mama by Childish Gambino

I had such a fun week with Jacinda and the team, it was amazing to see L2R in action — the kids loving the classes and getting to express themselves in a positive environment.

What is it about dance that you love? I love the way dancing makes me feel, happy confident, empowered and free. Nothing makes me happier than putting some music on and having a groove.

My practice isI am still figuring out for myself right now what my dance practice is. I really enjoy improvision/ freestyle, I struggle quite a bit with picking up choreography quickly. So, I like just being able to do whatever you want in improvisation, it’s just you and the music.

I had a fantastic time with L2R. Everyone on the team was so open and welcoming. I pursued an internship with L2R because I was inspired by their work, which resonates with my dance experience as a young person.

I feel the most inspired whenwhen I watch the dance crew of the Royal Family, Parris Goebel has been a massive inspiration for me in my dance journey. I remember watching a video of the Royal family when I was younger. Seeing how empowering it was for these women. And the diversion range of dancers and body types. I felt like I could see myself reflected in the dancers.

Dance gave me confidence and I felt like I was part of a community, which has been so important to me. I love that L2R makes this experience available for everyone.

When not dancing, you can find meat the beach, with a Rupi Kaur book and a chai latte, headphones on.

A big goal of mine in the foreseeable futureis to finish my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at VCA

Life motto? You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, kind of cringy, but I feel like the best experiences always happen when you step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

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