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Igniting Legends Program

Updated: Feb 12

The Igniting Legends Program, established in 2018, was developed to nurture emerging talents in the creative arts. L2R's Youth Arts Coordinator, David Prakash, spearheads the initiative, offering yearlong paid internships to four young creatives. The program aims to create employment pathways, develop artistic skills, and kindle career aspirations for up-and-coming street dancers within the creative arts industries.

Igniting Legends is designed not only to support these young participants in taking on leadership roles within L2R but also to empower them to contribute to the broader street dance community and beyond. With a focus on ensuring diversity and representation, the program has become an integral part of the organisation, shaping future leaders to be reflective of the communities they engage with.

Since its inception, 19 vibrant individuals, representing several different cultural and language groups, have been mentored through the Igniting Legends Program. Central to its success is the organization's flexibility and responsiveness to the ideas, needs, and concerns of the young participants.

David Prakash's extensive history within street dance practice paired with his background in youth work and his skills in deep listening and adaptive leadership play a pivotal role in cultivating tailored, creative safe spaces that foster inclusive positive learning experiences for these dynamic young artists.

One distinctive aspect of the internship is the creation of a unique video for each artist, highlighting their dynamic personalities, career aspirations, and meaningful experiences throughout the internship. Additionally, an overarching impact documentary is produced, serving as both a testament to the program's success and a recruitment tool for the next year's intake.

Each year witnesses a new cohort of inspiring young artists, contributing to the ongoing evolution of the program. The iterative nature of the Igniting Legends Program allows the organizers to fine-tune and tailor it further, ensuring it continues to empower, develop, and foster creative talent. L2R considers itself fortunate to play a role in shaping the early stages of these young leaders' creative journeys.

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