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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

We are excited to share with y'all our latest collaboration with @BondsAus and their 'Move Your Way' Campaign. This collab profiled 6 of our dynamic artists (Emily, Nasta, Trace, Urlik, Ligi, Alec) while storytelling L2R and helping us to engage with new and exciting audiences.

What better way to feel good than move your body, your own way. Let’s celebrate individuality and create bright futures together! One language…DANCE!

Find more L2R x BONDS Content on our IG, or on BONDS'!

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“My favourite style of dance is definitely hip hop. It’s the one that really resonates with me. I think hip hop will forever have my heart because I feel most myself. It’s so free…I can be myself and I can be different" - Tracey

“Dance is like second nature...It’s just like another form of communication. It’s a release, its enjoyment, it’s work as well which is a blessing. Dance is everything” - Alec

“If you have a style, you can dance... Everyone’s style is different. Everybody dresses different. When you dance you can recognise the person - imagine I can’t see your face but if you were dancing, I would be like “oh okay that’s you”. That’s what style is you know, that’s what influences originality, your style – the way you dress, the way you walk. It makes it you". - Ligi

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