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Street Dance Roundtable Sessions Vol. 1

Producer and Moderator Efren Pamilacan (L2R's Youth Arts Coordinator) brings together 11 street dance artists for a virtual round table discussion.

Volume 1 unpacks topics affecting the street dance community and looks at ways of strengthening connections.

With panelists from a range of Street Dance forms the session promises to be a melting pot of ideas, discussions and lively exchanges.

Register in Advance here- Sunday at 1:30 PM – 3 PM

Panelists: Daisuke Benson (Jigsaw Sneakers) Cat Pwiti (Burncity Qweenz) Anthony "Lamaroc" Lawang (Fresh Sox, $7 & MZK) David Prakash (Jam on Toast) Oliver Le (Jam on Toast) Andy Kuramoto (Burn City Waack & IHOW) Vlad Akhchin (Trip Fam) Jack Wardana (Stale Biskitz, EB Fam, 603 & Popping Nation) Jackie Laso (3Step & House of Luna) Kiki Dévine (House of Dévine) Dennis "Nasa" Pennalligen (Fresh Sox & MZK)

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