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👟STEP OUT - Platypus Shoes 👟

This week Platypus Shoes new campaign, STEP OUT launched featuring L2R!

8 Dancers, 3 crews and 3 notoriously fresh brands!

Watch the dance battle and vote for who you think will take the crown in STEP OUT!

Which team do you think deserves the Gold??⠀


  • The Hip Hop Crew - @tommyhilfiger

  • The Contemporary Crew - @asics_sportstyle_au

  • The B-Boy Crew - @lacoste

✨ Dancers: @daisonben @nonoycisco @tracetrinh @indayy @nicolessanders @tiggytreloar @ligimoo @kingritobabe @joshkun___

✨ Movement Direction + Choreography: @honmemishi

✨ Assistant Choreography: @jacindamay + @daisonben

✨ Big ups to the the Platypus Team and Accent Group Limited for having us represent.

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