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Leadership Victoria - Scholarship

L2R's CEO, Jacinda Richards was the proud scholarship recipient of the Leadership Victoria, Igniting Leadership Program. Jacinda was asked to present at Leadership Victoria's annual dinner and the Williamson Graduation on leading with purpose and how the scholarship has impacted her and the L2R family.

'The Igniting leadership course gave me the opportunity to reflect and tap back into some of those intrinsic and deep values that have essentially got me to where I am today. It has allowed me to have greater courage in the unique qualities which I believe make me a leader and given me greater confidence in myself and my purpose.

Through the skills I have learned I aim to inspire and immobilise the L2R family and most importantly the emerging artists who I have the privilege of working with. I have learned that great leaders surround themselves with excellence and that long and meaningful connections forged on authenticity and care is what has deep and meaningful impact.

I’m really excited to continue my leadership journey. I have a long way to go…. But I thank Leadership Victoria for the scholarship and investing in my purpose for a better world through dance. (Jacinda Richards, L2R Founder & CEO).

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