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What did you have for breakfast? I had my usual, big pot of chai tea and a house deposit (avocado on toast)

How would your friends describe you? three words Optimistic, sunny and bouncy

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? Only you are responsible for you own generousity.

Describe yourself in three words. Hopeful, energised and paradoxical.

What’s important to you... can you explain your values? Love. Treat other humans, animals and the planet the way you would like to be treated.

Tell us one thing that no one knows about you? I love languages so sometimes I practice being an airline host and sharing flight announcements in other languages.

What are your dreams and future goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years time I would like to have created a small forest and be an arts philanthropist.

Why is dance important to you? Because we were dancing before we were speaking and it’s a truly universal communication place.

Can you explain to me how and where you practice dancing? I practice in the lounge room and I host social dances, I perform on stages to encourage other people to move their bodies too.

How does performing make you feel? The most alive.

Does your cultural background play a role in your dance practice? Yes, my grandmother ran social dances so I learnt about the importance of dancing in the community from watching her.

Talk to me about Hip Hop. What do you like about hip hop? I love that hip-hop is activism and that it was born from a political place so it continues to evolve. My understanding is that hip-hop will always be relevant.

What role does L2R/Dance play in your life?

I’m the self-elected President of the L2R Fan Club

What exciting projects do you have coming up? Making social dance space for young rainbow families.

Interviewed by Yolande Arinda

Photography by @honshotyou

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